Curse of Strahd

The Durst Home (cont.)

Second Floor

As the adventurers wind up the staircase to the next landing its much smaller but many doors branch off from here. Directly in front of the staircase is a single suit of armor resting against the wall. At first glance it appears to be much lke the armor on the first floor.

Dorn walks over to the large double doors because, "the best things are always behind the biggest doors", he exclaims. Dorn opens the doors to discover a master bedroom containing a large bed, table with jewelry box, dumb waiter access door, fireplace with a large rotting tiger skin draped across the floor.on the other side of the room is a door that leads to a balcony overlooking the back of the home. 

Just then Paelias examines the armor in the landing and when he touches it assess its quality it rises up from the wall and strikes him with a glancing blow. As Paelias absorbs the strike and regains his footing he swings his sword and grazes the ghostly armor. The armor lashes back at Paelias with a devastating blow that drops him to floor. Varis is able to stabilize Paelias while Lial and Dorn deliver piercing strikes with their crossbows doing a significant amount of damage. With a final upward swing of his sword, Nictu separates the left arm and head from the haunted armor and the rest goes crashing to floor.

Somewhat exhausted from the encounter the adventurers take a short rest in the mastrer bedrooom. During the rest Dorn concludes that these people are evil and their pssessions we should take whatever we need to aid us on our mission. In doing so, Lial and Dorn split the contents of the jewelry box

  • gold filigree
  • 3 x gold rings
  • topaz pendant

The other door immediately across from bedroom contains the bathroom, nothing useful or notable in here.

The Lial and Dorn investigate the other two doors across the landing. Inspection of the left door reveals a hidden door exactly next to it that leads up to the next floor and into the room across from it as well. The other door in the landing leads to a balcony facing the front of the house. Varis peers over the balcony, the streets are empty and there is no sight of the Durst children.

Dorn opens the door to a small nursery with a cradle in the middle of the room. He peers into the crib to find a blanket in the middle. As he reaches in to pick ip the dusty cloth, a deafening shriek lets out.



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